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How It All Started

For years I struggled with hair breakage, dry and itchy scalp, dull brittle hair, and finding the right hair products. I tried several hair products but was left disappointed because I never got the total satisfaction desired. Growing up in Jamaica I was always taught that herbs are for the healing of the nation. So, I decided to start experimenting with several natural herbs. It's mind-blowing to discover the numerous health benefits I came across. Knowing that I had sensitive skin and scalp I had to be cautious in my formulating. I had many failed attempts until I found something that finally works. My hair and scalp were finally improving. I have coarse hair that is hard to manage. Even with relaxed hair I still had challenges because after two weeks of relaxing my hair it became hard to manage. I went weeks without combing my hair properly. I just brush around the sides and put my hair in one. This was not a good practice because I started losing my hairline from all the brushing and tension on my scalp. After seeing the benefits of my products, as well as my hair and scalp, improving, I threw out my store-bought shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and hair moisturizer.

I am always business minded and I have been praying to God for a business idea. One night I had my prayer answered. The words that came to me were "there are individuals who might be struggling with the same hair issues, so why not make your products into a business." I did not hesitate, I jumped on the idea.


Formulating the products and financing the business were my biggest challenges. I didn't realize how expensive natural ingredients were until I started buying them. I almost gave up on the idea because the ingredients were expensive. I kept reminding myself that if God gave me the idea and the knowledge to formulate the products, then he will provide what I need. I had supportive family and friends who kept encouraging me not to give up but to keep pushing. This was the birth of Gentlesoft Inc.


Explore the Possibilities

Gentlesoft Inc. is proud to be a sustainable company that celebrates what makes each and every one of us beautiful. Since its founding, Gentlesoft has grown into a brand that inspires customers to make their own rules when it comes to beauty because, at Gentlesoft, we believe that no one should sacrifice their comfort for the pursuit of beauty. Gentlesoft is top of the line when it comes to natural luxury, using only the highest quality natural ingredients. Gentlesoft is one of the most beloved beauty brands in the industry.



We aim to provide products that can be used by everyone in their daily routine in order to fully accomplish comfort and beauty. It’s everyone’s right to feel beautiful without the use of harsh chemicals.


To be the world’s most-loved beauty company that inspires customers to make their own rules when it comes to beauty. We aspire to create affordable and nourishing products.



Our main focus from the beginning is to provide our customers with products that are natural without harmful chemicals.

  • We use the finest quality natural ingredients.

  • We supply all of our products at market-leading prices with no gimmicks.

  • We never sacrifice quality for the price.

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