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Benefits and The Power of Rice Water for Your Hair

The skin healing advantages of rice have been known for a really long time. Using rice water for hair care started during the Heian Period in medieval Japan. The women of the court (known for  their  floor-length hair) practiced Yu-Su-Ru: the act of combing and rinsing their hair with rice water. These women use fermented rice water to wash and nourish their legendary long hair.


So, what exactly is rice water?


Rice water is the suspension of starch gained by draining boiled rice or by boiling rice until it absolutely separates into the water. Rice water has been used generally in the treatment of skin and hair. Rice water rinse alleviates scalp irritation. It provides anti-aging benefits to the skin and even has the propensity to heal damaged skin in those with atopic dermatitis. Rice water repairs damaged hair. It helps your hair develop making it smoother, shinier, and stronger. Using rice water on your hair lessens surface friction and increases elasticity. Thus, making your hair smoother, less inclined to breakage, and easier to manage

and style. Inositol (a kind of carbohydrate found in rice water) permeates and stays in the hair after rinsing, allowing it to restore and enhance your locks. Rice water has multiple components with nutritional benefits for the skin and hair. Around 16% of these are proteins, the building blocks vital for cell health. Triglycerides and lipids each make up 10% of the rice water composition, while starch is available at 9%. Rice water additionally advances skin cell development, stimulates blood flow, and slows down the aging process. Rice water is packed with several healthy minerals that promote better skin and hair health. Silicon makes hair shinier; A, B, C and E vitamins support healthy hair; Iron, magnesium, and selenium treat scalp inflammation, restore hair follicles and stimulate hair growth; Antioxidants and flavonoids stimulate hair growth.


Benefits of Rice Water for Hair


1.  Stronger Hair: Looking for strong hair, try our Rejuvenating Hair Treatment (fermented with rice water). The amino acids in rice strengthen the hair roots. It also has inositol, a carbohydrate that helps to strengthen the hair. The rice water makes it easy to detangle hair which leads to less hair breakage.


2.  Shiner, Smoother, and Luster Hair: Rice water is a natural conditioner that gives the hair a good bounce. The rice water adds a layer of protection. Pollution in the air, heat-inducing electrical hair appliances and chemicals in hair care products cause the hair to lose its shine, the rice water ensures that the hair remains smooth and shiny.


3.  Hair Growth: Rice water promotes hair growth by helping to protect the hair from damage, leaving hair healthier. The protein boost that the rice water gives to the hair helps it grow fast.


4.  Eliminate Dandruff and Flakes: The growth of Malassezia, the fungus that causes dandruff is prevented by fermented rice water. Using rice water for hair will take care of the dandruff issue. It likewise gives a moisturizing boost to the scalp and the hair, guaranteeing that the dry skin which causes flakes on the skin is taken care of. Using rice water for hair on a weekly basis will keep dandruff and the flakes under control.


5.  Chemical-Free Hair Cleanser: Rice water comes without chemicals and preservatives.


6.  Balances Scalp’s PH Levels: Rice water keeps your hair’s natural oils intact, and its pH levels are similar to that of the scalp.


7.  Protect Frizzy Hair: In 2010, a study was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, where scientists clearly expressed that using rice water as a hair treatment offered several advantages including improved elasticity, texture and lesser friction and frizz. This is generally because of the presence of inositol, a carbohydrate.

After using the Rejuvenating Hair Treatment (fermented with rice water), be sure to follow with Gentlesoft Hair Conditioner especially if you have a dry scalp or skin condition. Adding the Gentlesoft Hair Conditioner is important since rice starch can have a drying effect if not paired with sufficient moisturizer. To prevent flaking, rinse thoroughly afterward.

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